Equipment Leasing Programs

Benefits of Leasing

Little to Zero Cash Up Front

Install profit generating equipment immediately, without tying up your valuable cash resources.

Have Current Technology

Technology changes at the speed of thought. Some lease programs allow you to return existing equipment for newer machines at the end of your lease term. This helps ensure higher profit margins through improved productivity, faster output, lower supply costs, and improved manufacturing efficiencies.

Manage Balance Sheet Debt

Lease payments can be recognized as operating expenses which are tax deductable. Purchased equipment is recognized as an asset on the balance sheet and doesn't have the same tax benefits.

Tax Benefits

Section 179 allows for deduction of all or part of equipment in the first year it is installed. Consult with your accountant for futher details.

Mortgage Rates


30 Year Fixed conforming  no cost

5.990% 5.990%
15 Year Fixed Conforming  no cost 5.625% 5.625%
Super Jumbo to 2000,000   6.250% 6.371%
Hi Balance 30 Year Fixed   6.125% 6.125%
VA / FHA 30 Year Fixed  5.500% 5.722%

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